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Pécs-Normandia LIONS Club

Voluntary Work with Children in Pécs EVS project

 The volunteers can join 2 activities – the aim of the project is to help the children in 2 different ages:

The volunteers can work in the LIONS School Alternative Daycare deals with children of age 10-15 years.  (2. page)

The volunteers can work  in the Blue Elephant Kindergarten actively take part in the 3-7 year old children’s everyday life. (3. page)


The volunteers can make both activities with flexibility and interoperality or they can choose between them!


In the LIONS School Alternative Daycare the aim is, that the undererpriviliged children can get acquainted with other cultures, languages and mentalities from the most authentic sources. Near their intercultural development the other goals are to break through the children’s social and language barriers, and give them some new motivations and inspirations, which can effect their whole lifes. The volunteers can reach these aims in the most different ways, with language clubs, creative workshops , playful contests or in any kind of way according to the volunteers own imaginations and ideas.

In Blue Elephant Kindergarten the aim is developing the complex personality, which is key in this age to be able to become openminded, responsible, tolerant adults. Including EVS volunteers to this work, gives possiblity to get experience about other cultures and to accept the differencies. The children learn it by a spontaneous way, in a non-formal educational process. The volunteers bring new colour and intercultural sight to the life of the association.

More about LIONS School Alternative Daycare

Place: Mártírok u. 7, PÉCS, Hungary -  PIC: 917989862

      The LIONS School Alternative Daycare covers the underpriviliged student's free daily supply and coaching. Beyond the homework completion, practising and study-catching up, the children working in small groups are able to acquire foreign – english and german – languages and other competencies and skills in playful circumstances. The LIONS-house – where the activity take place – is located in one of the central parts of the city.


Accommodation in the LIONS House

The house is close to the centre of the city. Internet access is provided, the kitchen is shared with other EVS volunteers and equipped with every necessary things


Also there are volunteering possibilities in the central place of the Kindergarten’s maintainer Lutheran community:

The Lutheran Congregation is in the city centre with community rooms, kitchen and garden. It is suitable for meetings or other community programs. (Dischka Gy. u. 4, Pécs) You can join to young communities and organise common programs

For ex. gospel choir, http://pecs.lutheran.hu/index.php/galeria/videok/pecsi- gospel-korus youth club, filmclub – multicultural events, sports,games

Accommodation also in the LIONS House

Every volunteer has separate room and bathroom with shared well-equipped kitchen. Internet access is also  provided


is the fifth largest city of Hungary, with 150000 inhabitants, located in Baranya County in the south-west of the country, 200 km from Budapest, close to the border of Croatia. Pécs always was a multicultural city with many cultural values that resulted a colorful cultural life.  There are represented minorities in Pécs: Roma, German, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek.

The University of Pécs with its nearly 20,000 students and 10 faculties is one of the largest universities in Hungary, the knowledge centre of South Transdanubia and the oldest university of the country.